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Life in the Women’s Center

January 5, 2016


A blog post from SOLES Ambassador and MA in Counseling with specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Tamar Cassell:

Women's Center

Our staff at the Women’s Center

Since July 2015, I’ve had the invaluable opportunity of working as a Graduate Assistant for the C.A.R.E (Campus Assault Resources Education) program in the Women’s Center here at the University of San Diego. In this role, I assist in the development and implementation of resources and education pertaining to sexual and relationship violence, as well as aid in increasing advocacy and awareness efforts on campus. I also help maintain the structure of the C.A.R.E program by organizing monthly meetings and facilitating C.A.R.E trainings. As this position has been both challenging and rewarding, working in the Women’s Center has provided me with much more than I could have imagined.


Women of Impact

Our Women of Impact

The Women’s Center is a space that allows me to think critically about living by the principles of social justice, and is a place where I can fully embrace my identity as a woman. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work alongside wonderful colleagues, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Each person challenges me to think about the intersections of life in diverse ways, and I have ultimately grown as a person and gained insight and perspective since embarking on this journey. In short, getting involved as a Graduate Assistant through SOLES has been one of the most significant aspects of my graduate career, and I believe that there is a place for everyone.


For further questions about the C.A.R.E program or Women’s Center, Tamar Cassell can be reached at: or 619-260-2396 ex. 7869

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