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Adventures in Fieldwork

March 13, 2013

As a second-semester, second-year School Counseling student (and lover of alliteration), I am deep in the throes of fieldwork. My fieldwork site is College Preparatory Middle School, which is located in La Mesa. I became involved with CPMS last year when I ran a volunteer project for their 8th grade students. Rachel PhotoI formed a great bond with the school director, Chris Callaway, and I was lucky enough to be able to stay for my fieldwork. The bulk of my work experience has been with middle-school students, so I had originally planned on working with high-school students for my fieldwork. However, I was so impressed with CPMS and the students that I felt compelled to ditch my plans. From the start, I have felt so welcomed and appreciated.

I always rolled my eyes when people said that the right job should never feel like work, but it’s been true for me here at CPMS. The students are incredible, the faculty is supportive and kind, and the overall school culture is welcoming and respectful.

Quick Facts

–       CPMS offers grades 5-8.

–       CPMS is a charter school that was started in 2010.

–       There are 210 students in the school and 12 teachers.

–       CPMS scored a 920 API (Academic Performance Index) for the 2011-2012 school year.

–       The school directors, Chris Callaway and Mitch Miller, were named La Mesans of the Year by La Mesa Today.

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